Why I’m Shopping Only Second-Hand in 2018

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! Today, I wanted to discuss my one of many resolutions today, and that is challenging myself to shop only second-hand in the year 2018. I’m so excited to rekindle my love for charity shops and rummage through bargains, and mostly not feel any guilt (which is what I feel a lot of the time, when I shop in most retail stores). I set up the challenge back in November with my brother’s girlfriend who is also an avid charity-shopper.

Why do it?

– Giving back to people and charities that need it most.

– I’d like to think I’m buying into a more ethical and minimal way of living.

– Giving me more opportunity to cherish my current wardrobe state and the clothes inside it.

– Wanting to experiment more with my personal style and try different items that are on display.

– I know where my money is going when I hand it over to the cashier and I won’t feel any guilt!

– Charity shopping is one of my favourite pastimes (plus, it is a great excuse to treat myself…)

What are the rules?

– I have a £100 spending limit for a whole 12 months.

– Totally Anti-Retail! Charity and vintage shops allowed only.

– Items included in the challenge: clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and books.

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