My Personal Favourite Coffee Shops for Working

January 12, 2018

I’m currently writing this post whilst sat in a coffee shop in Shoreditch, waiting for a friend to finish work. I’ve ordered my usual (a Mocha) and I’ve found a sweet little corner for me to perch at, watching the world go by. I thought I’d share with you a little about my personal favourite coffee shops that are great for working in.

Pret a Manger 

More commonly known as ‘Pret’ to usuals – it’s spacious, modern and always clean. Their coffee is rich, creamy and delicious (I always like to treat myself here!). As a plus-side, they have free Wifi for customers, which you can connect to with ease. They do plenty of food options for those of you who are Vegetarian or Vegan also, and great for those busy bees on the go.

200 Degrees

I am lucky to have two chains in both Leicester and Leeds. I found out about 200 Degrees when their new shop opened in Leicester. There is a really homely and welcoming feeling when you enter, and the decor is gorgeous to look at (dark brown, wooden and earthy interiors). Again, they do really delicious food (I especially love their salted caramel brownie!) and some of which is suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Mrs Atha’s

I was introduced to Mrs Atha’s (don’t be put off by their website!) a very long time ago and it is one of my firm favourites for independent coffee shops in Leeds. I will admit, it’s not the very best for taking your laptop and doing work for hours and hours; but a notepad and pen, yes. I say this, because the tables are very close together and when your tea arrives, it’s very fiddly and if you’re anything like me (i.e. clumsy) it’s maybe best to go in the quieter hours!

Caffè Nero

Ah, you will always hold a firm place in my heart, Caffè Nero. It reminds me of my more teenage years meeting up with friends in Leeds City Centre (and I always prefer their hot chocolates here!). It’s spacious enough for you to work freely on your laptop, friendly staff and a has a nice atmosphere.

So, there you have my personal favourite coffee shops to work in! Where are your favourite places to work? Do you prefer busy or quiet working environments? Let’s have a chat below.

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