My Top 3 Social Media Management Tools

December 29, 2017

Sometimes, people just don’t have enough hours in the day, especially when it comes to boasting about your brand or particular products on social media. This is where handy tools can come in, to put your mind at ease (and make you realise, social media doesn’t have to be a hassle). Shall we make a start?


I use Buffer on a daily basis to manage my clients’ social media accounts. It’s quick and easy to get set up with just one click. Buffer is great for creatives and brands who only have one account for each social site, plus you can connect to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

What’s more, you can easily schedule content to go out on all of your different social platforms, with a great Analytics tab to see what content of your’s is doing great (or sometimes not doing so great). If you need to manage more than one account (like myself) you can upgrade to Buffer’s ‘Awesome’ Plan for $10 (£7.40) per month which allows you: 10 social accounts, 100 scheduled post (per account) and you can experience their cool and collected ‘Calendar’ feature, so you can have a month-to-month view of your content.


You can get started on Hootsuite with a 30-day free trial (1 user, 3 accounts) after that, they will ask you to choose from their provided plans, which begin with their ‘Professional’ plan at £16 per month.

Hootsuite offer services such as app integrations (such as MailChimp, DropBox and such) into your dashboard so you can ‘work smarter’. Furthermore, you can discover new content to post onto your chosen social media networks by creating search streams, as well as organise all of your content (only available with Hootsuite’s ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’ plans). Not only that, you can add your very own team members into the mix (Great feature for start-ups!).

Sprout Social

Similarly to Buffer and Hootsuite, you can set yourself up with a free trial of Sprout Social. This platform is a bit more on the expensive side (‘Premium’ plan starting from $99 per month). However, it does have its benefits and great features including: complete social media management; the ability to publish, schedule, draft & queue posts; your own social content calendar and so much more!

You can engage with your audience flawlessly, measure those pesky (but oh-so useful) analytics, as well as plan, schedule and publish across all of your social networking sites. This means making social media much less of a hassle and leaving you to get on with your day.


I certainly love these social media tools and there’s plenty more where they came from. What are your favourites?

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